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  • BTC Instructor day

  • Sat 2nd Feb

  • Get TaeKwon Do back on the GCSE / A Level activity list

  • Change to Squad training

  • British Closing Date Exteneded

  • Date Change for REFEREES 1 & 2.

  • BTC Instructor day

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Date Change for REFEREES 1 & 2.


Will all instructors and students please be aware of a date change for REFEREES 1 & 2 which was due to be held on Sunday 30th September 2018 in Cardiff.

This course will now be combined with the UMPIRES 1 & 2 on Saturday 29th September at the same venue in Cardiff.
Grand Master Ron Sergiew

BTC Instructor day


BTC Instructor day V3 on 22nd September 2018.

Radmoor Centre. 
Radmoor Road. 
LE11 3BT

Due to the success of the previous BTC instructor days and the request for more, we have the information for the latest BTC instructor day.

The course is only open to BTC instructors and assistants who are current members only.  If you missed the previous BTC instructor days you will not be at disadvantage.
The BTC has listened to the request for more information on the latest exercises, warming up and stretching plus other appropriate workshops.

The first part of the day will be headed, “Strength and Conditioning for Performance improvement and injury prevention in Taekwondo.”  This will be delivered by Sarah Scott a registered Musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has worked with elite sports since 1998. She has listened to the comments from the previous BTC days and has produced an appropriate workshop.

It will be a theory and practical session, all you will need is loose fitting clothes and a notepad.

This workshop will be around 2 hours.
The other workshops come with a BTC qualification or a UK Coaching certification.

Each workshop lasts around 3- 3 ½ hours approx.

Applicants can attend the Practical applications of Taekwondo specific exercises plus one other workshop.  Please note, you cannot just do one or the other. 
The cost for the day will be £40 payable on the day by cheque payable to BTC or cash. If you book a place and do not attend you will be charged. 
Applicants must put in order which workshop preference they have as their first choice may not be available.
Applications will be done on a first come basis.
Email date and time are proof of application.
BTC Information that will be needed on the application is.
Name – 
Contact telephone number -
BTC Licence number-

“Strength and Conditioning for Performance improvement and injury prevention in Taekwondo.”
List your workshop preference in order as we may not be able to provide your first choice first.
All workshops cover all sports but give a more Taekwondo specific view. They are always very informative and enlightening.  

eg: My choices are:

1 = Equity.
2 = Time to listen.
3 = BTC First Aid.
4 = Basic safeguarding and protecting children.
Applicants must email waltons1234©
Subject = BTC Instructor training day V3 22/9/18

The day is open to BTC instructors and assistants and future welfare officers who must be current members. Information on the topics covered on the workshops available are.

BTC First aid course. (13 years +)
*Suitable for the BTC qualification to instruct or assist. It is the emergency at work course with extra modules relevant to Taekwondo injuries sustained while training and working with children including CPR and choking, etc.
Time to Listen course (16 years+ only) 
This workshop can only be attended if you have attend a basic safeguarding course the one on the BTC instructors course, or an external course done with a different body.
Information of previous course and date must be provided.
Information covered on the course:
*How a club welfare officer works with others to create a child centred environment.
*Explain how the club welfare officer role fits into the wider safeguarding environment.
*Apply learning to case studies including sharing good safeguarding practise.
*Identify and recognise good coaching practices and the implications for your coaching.

Equity in your coaching. (13 years +)
*The definition of sports equity and why it is important.
*How to identify and deal with any barriers faced by participants.
*The appropriate language and terminology.
*Develop your existing skills and experience to make your sessions more accessible.
*How to become more equitable.Basic safeguarding and protecting children course.Applicants must be 16 yrs old.(Any one 16-18 must be chaperoned by an appropriate adult to attend this workshop.)
Instructors who wish to attend this course and refresh their knowledge can attend.Information covered on the course.
*To help protect yourself,and the young people you are instructing / coaching.
*Understanding and following good coaching practice.
*Learn about child abuse and how to handle situations if you have concerns.
The proposed running order is:

09.00. Doors open.

09.05. Registration and payment.

09.30. Welcome and explanation of the day.

09.40. “Strength and Conditioning for Performance improvement and injury prevention in Taekwondo.”

11.50.  Closing Q and A to finnish the workshop.

12.00. Lunch. A light buffet and drinks will be provided.

12.45. Choice of workshop.  First aid / Time to listen / Equity / Basic safeguarding and protecting children.

16.45. Finish or when the workshop finishes.

Thank You


To all officials and helpers in every capacity for the World Championship:

In case I didn’t manage to say it in person to you over the weekend, thank you for your hard work.

Without you we couldn’t make it happen and we are very proud of every single one of you who helped create such a successful tournament.

People like you are what makes the TAGB so strong and our Championships the envy of the world.

Grand Master Paul Donnelly.

Appeal for Worlds Officials


Can all TAGB officials (Ump 1 / 2  Ref 1 / 2) who have not yet registered to officite at the forthcoming TI World Championships, PLEASE, if you are able too, get in touch with Master Donnelley by email asap, to indicate that you are able to help and officiate at this very important and prestugious event.
Please fill in the form linked here and then send to Master donnelly on the email below.
Many Thanks
Paul Donnelly

Road Works Near TAGB English Championships


Reports are coming in about long delays in Worcester city center.
To make sure you arrive on time and are ready to compete in your event.
Please see the map below which shows a route in blue which comes in from the west to miss the city centre road works.  
  1 2 3 ...... 23 24 25