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  • TAGB / BTC first aid courses

  • TAGB / BTC first aid courses

  • 1st British online patterns championship 2020


  • English cancelled

  • Change of Pre Grading venue for South East

  • Referees course scheduled 1st March 2020

  • April Black Belt Gradings

Sat 2nd Feb


Unfortunately, there is NO SQUAD TRAINING on Saturday 2nd Feb 2019, due to the venue not being available.

Please see the National team training page for the next available sessions.
GM Walton

Get TaeKwon Do back on the GCSE / A Level activity list


As you are all aware, Taekwondo/Martial Arts has been removed from the GCSE/A Level activity list.

The Department for Education is inviting proposals to add activities to the published GCSE, AS and A level physical education (PE) activity list.

The BTC as the National Govening Body for Taekwondo is encouraging all members of the BTC to click on the link below, complete the survey, & support us to get Taekwondo back on the activity list.

PLEASE CLICK HERE  to go to the Online Survey, and complete it, to get TKD put back on the exam boards so students can use their years of training to help them with their education.

Change to Squad training


National team "Squad" training on Saturday27th October 09.30-12.00. is CANCELLED.
This is due to The Venue being unavailable.
Many thanks    GM Walton

British Closing Date Exteneded


There is now an extended deadline for the 2018 British Championships.

The NEW deadline for INSTRUCTORS to have their entries and paperwork with TAGB admin is:


STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE.   In order for your instructor to have paperwork in by the new date it is VERY IMPORTANT that you have your entry with your instructor in plenty of time.  (TUES 23rd OCT for example)


Date Change for REFEREES 1 & 2.


Will all instructors and students please be aware of a date change for REFEREES 1 & 2 which was due to be held on Sunday 30th September 2018 in Cardiff.

This course will now be combined with the UMPIRES 1 & 2 on Saturday 29th September at the same venue in Cardiff.
Grand Master Ron Sergiew
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