Excel, London One Western Gateway. Royal Victoria DockLondon. E16 1XL

This year’s event will take place at the International Combat Sports Show, Seni, which is held over 2 days June 2nd & 3rd at the Excel, London, which will be the venue for all the Olympic combat sports including tae kwon do.

This is a terrific opportunity for the British Tae Kwon Do Council to showcase real and original tae kwon do.

Because it’s the jubilee bank holiday week-end they are expecting around 20,000 people to visit the Seni Show over that week-end, there will be many celebrities there from the sports world, martial arts world and show business world.

The cost is £25 to get into Seni, but we will be given a special rate for our spectator tickets of just £10.

These can be purchased in advance by phoning: 01926 810333 or e-mailing: orders©

These tickets will allow spectators to watch all other events taking place at Seni on Sunday only.

Each Association can enter as many black belt men’s and women’s teams as they wish. The cost will be £60 for a men’s team and £40 for a ladies team. The names of your team and the entry fee should be sent to: 

D. Oliver
5 Tollgate Road
CV47 1EE

Closing date for entries: 1st May 2012.

We would expect each association to supply 3 working officials at least.  Cheques should be made payable to: Tae Kwon Do


The men’s team should consist of 6 black belts at the following weights.
Under 58kg, under 64kg, under 70kg, under 76kg, under 82kg and over 82kg. The competition will consist of sparring, team pattern and destruction. In the sparring you will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point each for a draw and 0 for a defeat. Team pattern: All six members must perform any black belt pattern in unison. 2 points for a win 1 point each for a draw and 0 for a defeat.
Destruction: 1 leg technique which will be a 360 jumping back kick, one hand technique which will be reverse knife hand. 2 points would be awarded for a successful break in each technique. At the start of the sparring, a coin will be tossed and the winning captain will choose the weight the first bout would be fought at and the other team would have to match this weight, in the following bout the other team will choose the weight and so on until all six bouts have been fought.

The women’s team would consist of four black belts at the following weights:Under 55kg, under 61kg, under 67kg and over 67kg. The sparring rules, patterns rules will be the same as the men’s event but just the technique for destruction will change to: Standing rear leg side kick and elbow strike. The scoring will all be the same as the men’s team event.

The men and women’s competition are completely separate events. Scoring in the sparring will be:3 points for a head kick, 2 points for a body kick, 1 point for all hand techniques.

Equipment to be worn – COMPULSORY Hand and foot protectors. Head guard Groin guard (males) Shin protectors Mouth guard.