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Advice for Parents

The tournament is a safe environment and the TAGB takes child welfare very seriously

Parents - You may accompany your child to the fighting area perimeter but not ring side. Please respect the barriers and restrictions in place. There are TAGB Welfare Officers at the larger tournaments who can assist with any child who has additional care needs. Please speak to them before your child competes and they can accompany your child ring side.  What we would say is that the tournaments offer an excellent opportunity for you to let your child have a competitive experience with other children with the knowledge that parents are nearby but not involved. Though rare, should a child be injured their parents will be found as soon as possible by the medical staff if they are not in close attendance.

Entry Forms - As children grow we ask that you continue to check their height and weight every time they enter a tournament and not rely on the previous tournament entry forms or estimates.

Lost Children - Should you lose your child (or if you are lost) please contact the Top Table immediately. Please instruct your child that should they become lost or disoriented to contact the Top Table or speak to a TAGB Official only.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults - The TAGB as a member of the British Tae Kwond-Do Council follows agreed processes and practices with respect to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. The latest policy documents and association contacts can be accessed on the BTC website.