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Having spent time training, entering and getting here some points to consider on competing and afterwards.

Please Stay out of the Tournament Area and Sit Down - For the comfort and enjoyment of everyone and to ensure a level playing field for competitors; please can all supporters, parents, coaches and fellow students stay out of the Tournament Areas. Could all competitors unless they are competing stay out of the Tournament Areas. The Tournament Area covers all competition areas and the immediate surrounds as directed by the TAGB Officials.When not moving around, please sit down around the areas and in the seating zones.

Compete - When competing you must obey the rules and respect the decisions of the officials. Disqualifications are extremely rare but do not assume that as this is the case the rules are not strictly enforced. You will be given a lanyard which will be tied to your belt indicating which colour you are. You will either be Red or Blue and will be scored as such. Please do not walk off afterwards with the lanyard. You will be expected to bow to the Referee and the other competitor. Medals will be awarded on the area directly after the event has concluded. Please make sure you know what club you are registered with and the proper registered name. It is not good enough to just give a general location, Edinburgh or Bristol or indeed "Wales!" Your license registration slip should have the correct club name to which you are registered, that is the club name you must give when asked.

Results - Where available, live results will be put on the website as soon as they are validated at the Top Table. For Regional Tournaments and the Scottish Championships, results will be posted online after the tournament. Tournaments where the TAGB are not the organising authority will make their own arrangements for posting of results.

First Aid and Medical Attention - Please contact the Top Table or venue reception should you require first aid or medical attention. If you are injured on an area, the Referee will contact the medical team.It is important that you inform the Referee of any injuries that you have sustained prior to or during the bout or any illness that you have. You have a responsibility to ensure your own safety as much as the TAGB does in ensuring your safety.
Lost Equipment - Any found items should be handed in to the Top Table. If you have lost any equipment please ask at the Top Table. Please do not hand in gum shields or indeed pick them up (unless they are on the competing area). The TAGB will only keep items of value (watches, phones, iPads, etc). However, we will not keep sparring equipment, clothing or perishable items. These will be left at the venue. If you have lost equipment, please contact the Top Table or the venue staff for assistance during the tournament. After the tournament, contact the venue and not the TAGB first. The TAGB may leave found items (including valuable items) at the venue after the tournament has ended for convenience. You are responsible for your property. The TAGB and the venue accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal items (excluding negligence in law on the part of the TAGB or venue).