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On The Day

In order to make your day as comfortable as possible and ensure you are focused on the competition at hand we suggest you read the following advice.

Familiarise yourself with the area layout - Please take some time to look around the tournament fighting areas and work out where all the areas are. Should they change (and they will) during the day you will be able to find the new area more quickly if you have already worked out where it is.  Check the information screens Within the main hall there will always be at least one LCD screen which indicates the running order. Try and find this screen and refer back to it throughout the day rather than carrying your phone or tablet device with you. You can use these devices to check the running order if there is sufficient signal for an internet connection. The screens are connected locally and will show the latest situation. 
Get changed and be ready - A good time to get changed is as soon as there is space in the changing rooms. Bring an over jumper to wear over your Dobok top and keep your trainers on unless warming up to preserve heat. Finding a space to warm up can be a difficulty in some venues; we suggest you do not warm up where you can cause a nuisance to others and please obey instructions from venue staff members with respect to clearing fire exits and entranceways.

Wait for the announcement (or check the screens) - Whilst waiting it is a good idea to practice and keep warm. Your event will be announced over the public address system. Please be prompt on hearing this and make your way to the area with your equipment. Do not take bags, additional clothing or valuables, leave these items with someone to look after them.

Stay out of the Tournament Area and Sit Down - For the comfort and enjoyment of everyone and to ensure a level playing field for competitors; please can all supporters, parents, coaches and fellow students stay out of the Tournament Areas. Could all competitors unless they are competing stay out of the Tournament Areas. The Tournament Area covers all competition areas and the immediate surrounds as directed by the TAGB Officials.When not moving around, please sit down around the areas and in the seating zones.

Weighing-in - Black Belts must weigh-in prior to competing. All other weights will be weighed on the area at the time of competition unless announced otherwise. The tournament is arranged that lighter weights fight before heavier weights (wherever possible) to allow for errors and changes in weight. Do not rely on this, know your weight! Children will be height tested on the area prior to competing; please ensure you measure your child correctly at point of entering.

Entered into the wrong division? or not at all? - If you have been entered into the wrong division or not at all you must find your Club Instructor for assistance. There is a Competitor Query table at every tournament and they will be able to assist you in amending your entry. However, if there is a fault on the part of the Competitor or the Club Instructor it will inccur a 10 GBP fine payable immediately.