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Entering a Tournament

Entering a tournament for TAGB members is through your Club Instructor only.

Registration and Entry - All competitors must be registered TAGB Members, hold a valid BTC license and be at least a Yellow Tag in grade. You must enter through your Club Instructor.

Competitors from other associations must enter by agreement with the TAGB through their own associations.

Venue Location, Travel and Accommodation - Prior to entering the tournament, consider the venue location. It is advisable to check your intended choice of travel and secure whatever accommodation you require before or near to entering the tournament. The TAGB does not provide travel or accommodation services; though it may arrange for discounted hotel offers for UK events and group travel arrangements when competing outside of the UK. The European Championships being a case in point where the TAGB will make efforts to arrange group travel. Any such arrangements will be advertised with as much advance notice as possible.

Application Forms - Application forms are available from your Club Instructor or available in the Student Pack. The Instructor will collect all their club entries prior to completing an entry form for the entire Club. When completing the application form pay close attention to the weight, age and size categories.