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Training & Equipment

It goes without saying that training prior to attending a tournament is a good idea! Whether you are attempting a pattern or sparring it is advisable that you practice specifically for the event that you are entering. The need for training for general all round fitness is a given, there is no substitute for practicing the event that you have entered.

Training - Your training needs should be met by your TAGB Club Instructor and they are best placed to advise on what events to enter and how to prepare. Local areas may advertise and run tournament training seminars or larger clubs may have dedicated sparring sessions. Always take every opportunity to attend these sessions. For the more seasoned competitor there is always the option of attending National Squad training sessions. Please check out the Squad section of this website.

Safety Equipment- Every competitor must have approved safety equipment to participate in sparring. The approved equipment is only available through your TAGB Club Instructor. Buying your own personal equipment that fits you and from an approved source is a far safer investment than buying used, ill-fitting and potentially damaged equipment, which you wont be able to wear in class or at a tournament. TAGB Members must also wear an approved TAGB Dobok when competing. The standard white suit is acceptable at all tournaments. The wearing of heavily customised and personalised suits is forbidden. National Team suits are acceptable at national tournaments and at Regional tournaments club suits may be allowed. It is worth checking with your Club Instructor which suits are allowed. Sleeves and trouser legs must be rolled down during competing.The equipment required for competing in any event is:-
  • Approved Dobok (suit)
  • Belt (indicating grade)
In addition, for all sparring events:-
  • Sparring Gloves
  • Feet Protectors
  • Head Guard
  • Shin Guards
  • Groin Guard (males)
  • Breast Protectors (optional for females)
  • Mouth guard (gum shield)
Currently, safety goggles and corrective eye wear are banned. You must compete in contact lenses if you have vision difficulties (if you are able to wear such items).Additionally, some manufacturers sell plastic face guards, these are not to be fitted to TAGB head gear and are banned from TAGB tournaments.

Failure to be properly equipped will prevent you from competing and you will be disqualified from that event.

Note; competitors from other associations may wear different equipment to the approved TAGB equipment. This is allowed by the TAGB on inspection of their equipment and approval of the Chief Umpire. Any deviation or exemption does not apply to TAGB members. However, though the equipment manufacturer may differ, the level of required safety equipment will not. The safety of all TAGB Members is paramount in any decision taken.