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National Team Squad Training

Check in the smaller right-hand column for actual date and times of squad training

Who can attend?
Anyone who has a currently valid TAGB licence, make sure you have it with you so it can be shown if asked for. You must be training with your TAGB Instructor regularly and have their permission to attend.


What is the Cost?
The Squad sessions costs £5 
What do I need?
Your valid TAGB licence, (please take it with you, we might need or ask to see it), loosely fitting clothes, trainers, full set of TAGB sparring equipment that is in good working order, A skipping rope and a tagb approved focus pads could also be useful if you have them, lots of water and the expectation to work hard.

What are the benefits?
The squad training sessions are supervised by national TAGB team coach Master Kenny Walton. They are however of benefit to all, at all levels. 

Your physical fitness will improve, your technical ability will get sharper, you will learn new things, you'll be given the opportunity to take your performance to a new level and you'll meet some great people on the day.

Please see the panel right for latest training dates.