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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 16 Dec : 10:37
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This is my last week before breaking up for Christmas. I just have 3 gradings left to complete before I finish. Wednesday evening I will grade in Nuneaton for Mr. Nigel Banks and Mr. Russell Bromage. Then go for a drink afterwards with my instructor Mr. Bob Howe, then on Thursday evening I am grading for Mr. Sean Hardwick and Mr. Andy Hodgkiss at Cannock and after will go for a Christmas drink with some of my instructors and black belts in Warwick, then on Sunday I have my last grading for Mr David Rawle in Cranfield.
On Christmas day this year we have 28 for dinner as we have a big family, last year we spent Christmas in South Africa with my son and his wife's family, so this year will be a bit more hectic! I will take this opportunity to wish everyone in the TAGB a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.