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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 27 Nov : 13:36
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Wow, what a great British championships last Sunday at Worcester Arena, I would like to thank the 1,300 competitors who took part and the 400 officials, the medical team and the Welfare officers and media team. You all did a splendid job, our guest from the USA GM Wadley said it was the most impressive championships he had seen in a long time, how everyone worked together, he said he can now see why the TAGB is such a respected tkd organisation around the world. He told me that he was really impressed with the TAGB committee who worked all day. He said that a lot of championships he has been to, the senior grades have their heads firmly stuck up their backsides and want to just have the student body instructors and officials bowing and scraping to them, and actually doing nothing all day. He said the respect shown by everyone at the championships was a credit to the TAGB and tae kwon do, and also that he will be definitely brining his team from the USA to the next world championships.