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England Captain's Blog
Written on 04 Feb : 12:58
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Happy New Year everyone. 2015 marks 10 years that the England Team have been World Team Champions consecutively. There have been a few changes since a young team won it in 2005 but some are still here! Warren Vice, Tamsen Oatey and Myself. Now the next World Championships have been announced on July 16th & 17th in Birmingham. The last Worlds was the biggest I've seen and I'm sure the TAGB and TI will once again produce another fantastic World Championships.

A question I regularly get asked is about my diet leading up to a championship. Well , I have to make a weight, which means me having to lose quite a bit of weight! If you are a young fighter, I would strongly recommend that you stick to a weight category that you are comfortable with! Don't dehydrate or you will hinder your performance. Yes if you are out of shape overweight then you can lose it but sensibly.

So....always drink plenty of water! If you can, cut sugar out! Sugar in tea, chocolate, cakes etc...

Also limit your carbs but don't completely cut them out, as you need them for energy and repair.

Eat good carbs - vegetables, brown rice NOT bread or pasta.

Typical food day for me when I'm in training -

breakfast - eggs and spinach
3 hours later handful of nuts or seeds
lunch - chicken and greens
3 hours later handful of nuts or seeds
dinners steak/fish and greens
maybe some fruit but I tend not to each too much fruit

The day before a comp or national squad, I would carb load (clean carbs).