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British Champs and Junior teams
Written on 04 Dec : 23:08
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The British Champs this weekend will as always be a great event. But with the Junior national team event it will be even more special than it usually is. I know all teams will have been working hard and I wish them all the best of luck in this event. It's a chance for you to shine in front of a big crowd. I have been assisting GM Oliver and Master Walton in selecting the Junior England team. We have some fantastic young fighters.

I'm not personally fighting at this tournament, as I still have some injuries that need time. Something that I haven't given them which makes things worse. But am happy with the 3 tournaments that I have entered this year, as I won them all including a double individual european gold. I will be running the Black Belt weigh as usual then helping in my coaching role with Master Walton.

My advice to all fighters, if you're injured, rest and heal before you get back into full swing! Now by rest I mean active rest ( not video games/tv and the sofa). For example with the broken foot that i had this year, my active rest would be cycling, swimming or upper body exercises - anything that wouldn't aggravate my foot! Therefore my fitness is ticking over and my foot is getting stronger! Physio is also sometimes needed but it doesn't need to be expensive, listen to the advice from the physiotherapist- do the exercises regularly that they give you!

Another question that i regularly get asked - how do you prepare for a competition and what do you eat.
Which I will answer in one of my next blogs.