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Written on 10 Sep : 22:59
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Great Weekend with the Scottish National Championships. I set off at 1.30am to get to Master Walton's for 6am and he drove the rest of the way. The Scottish is always a long day for me but considering it's once a's all good! Plus with the Tae Kwon Do world...we travel!!! The competition like every year is the smallest national however the fighting quality is always great. Some of the top fighters are injured - Mr Vice being one of them along with myself. But we were there supporting as always. I generally do the weigh in's and Warren likes the refereeing.

Great fighting by James Reed world and european middle weight champ, winning his division and as always put a class performance on, on his way to gold!

I also have to say that a I'm impressed with the up and coming fighter in my division (lightweight) Steven Frew from Scotland an exciting new fighter and very young. His 2nd national gold this out for him!

Great to see the TAGB committee members GM Oliver, Masters Walton, Donnelly, Sergiew and Atkins.

This time we had a Junior International Scotland v N.Ireland which was exciting for all. The Scots being the dominating team!

On a final note, I'm in London this week with some new innovations for my schools and making my schools even more professional!