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Captain's Blog
Written on 20 Aug : 13:27
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It's been a while since I have blogged. Since my last blog we have had the European's and the clash of the titans.

The European's in Switzerland was a huge success, the TAGB national teams winning most of the divisions. I won both of my individual events but sadly broke my foot in the Quarter finals and had to pull out of the team event.

I then tried to train on a broken foot to get ready for the Clash of the Titans but only made the foot worse and again I had to pull out.

But the strength of the TAGB fighters is world class and means that when a person like myself or even Warren Vice are injured . It makes no difference! The team are a unit led by Grand Master Oliver and Coach Master Walton. So when a fighter is injured and has to sit out there is a strong stand in and thats at all weights.

Yes of course I wanted to be involved in the action but I wasn't missed nor did I miss it! Because I was right by Master Walton's side to support my team! That's what a team is all about.
The team was of course victorious and was well supported by TAGB Supporters. Great to see Master Bob Howe in the crowd.

Congratulations to Grand Master Dave Oliver who was awarded the rank of 9th Dan by the original TKD pioneers. I have known GM Oliver for sometime and it was a great moment to see him get this rank! He is the Godfather of TKD in Great Britain and is respected by many.

Nextevent coming up is the Scottish Champs - see you there!