With TAGB tournaments being so successful and very well attended, one of the hardest things for competitors is to know what ring their event is on.  

The guys in the tournament tech dept have done a fantastic job in making improvements in this area in the past few years.  The large display monitors around the arenas were a very useful and were a popular introduction, and the automation of the voice announcements helped to make things clearer, and helped Master Sergiew to not end each tournament with no voice.

The guys have been working hard to continue this improvement, and at the 2013 World Championships there are a couple of new additions to help make the individual competitor's experience a better one.

We will be testing these at the forthcoming Welsh Championships on the 19th May 2013.

1) You will be able to use your smart phone or internet enabled tablet to visit www.comps.tagb.biz

There will be a screen showing what is sent to the large monitors, enabling competitors and instructors to see what category is taking place where.

2) A new twitter account has been set up for you to follow: @TAGBCompetition

This account will only tweet on the day of competitions, and the tweets will mirror the arena announcements, again helping the competitors and instructors to know where they are supposed to be.

So I encourage you to bookmark www.comps.tagb.biz and follow @TAGBCompetition

Any feedback competitors have about this, may be made through the TAGB facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/2216013842/ and instructors may also feed back through the instructors forum on www.tagb.biz (but you must be signed in to see the forum and post)

See you in Cardiff