The TAGB follows the BTC policy with respect to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

In keeping with the BTC Safeguarding policy (excerpt below), anyone caught in breach of this policy either during or after the tournament will be removed from the arena and further consequenses will also be applied if deemed appropriate by the BTC and TAGB councils.

Appendix L of the BTC Safeguarding Policy concerns the use of photographic equipment in tournaments.  

"We must highlight that photography and video recording of children (that you have no legal responsibility for) and photography and video recording within the competition area is strictly forbidden as a condition of entry. 

Photography and video recording in and around tournament area(s) is strictly forbidden. 

Photography and video recording in changing and rest areas is strictly forbidden.

Photography and video recording of medical interventions is strictly forbidden".

The TAGB and the venue reserve the right to remove from the premises those not adhering to official instructions to cease filming or photography.

The policy documents can be accessed via the following