Starting NOW in the run up to the world championships we want to let the world know just how big the TAGB is!

Change your Facebook name to TAGB Forename Surname (eg TAGB Katie Billingham) as part of our brand new TAGB viral marketing campaign! until at least the close of the World Championships!

For it to work we need as many of you as possible, plus parents of children who aren’t on here!

Let’s all join together to show the power and breadth of our organisation.It’s time for the TAGB takeover!!!

Go onto the Settings (the cog image, top right button);
click account settings;
click “Edit” next to the ‘Name’ (not username);
Put TAGB as your first name, move your forname to your middle name;
Click save changes

Share on facebook and Twitter to tell all your fellow TAGB students!!