Details of the Strike Mate event at the forthcoming TAGB British Championships have now been released.
The event is an enter on the day event and is open to all Adults, male and female of all ranks.  (Yellow, Green, Blue, Red & all Black Belts together)  

To enter this new event cost the usual TAGB Competition entry fee which is payable on the day of £12 per event  (If you enter both hand and foot the its £24).  You may only enter or pre enter (see below) if you are ALREADY entered into a catagory in the normal competition, and so already have a competitiors wrist band to gain access to the rings.  This will also apply to entry to the tag team event.  No competitors wrist band, No Strike mate or Tag team.

Rules are as follows:

Male & Female in separate events aged16 and over.

The competitor must strike the pad with as much speed and energy as possible. The event scoring will be based on the compound units achieved.

All competitors get 3 strikes and the highest score of the 3 is recorded.

Hand (Back fist Strike)  Measure forming a back fist strike in L stance. Return front foot back to side on parallel ready position without moving the back foot, execute back fist strike from the parallel ready position.

Foot (Turning Kick)  (Ball of the foot or top of the foot)  Measure. Return back to L stance guarding block. The kick must be executed by only pivoting the front foot not relocating it. 
There will be two rounds.   Round 1) all competitors.  Round 2) a final comprising of the top 5 scores from round 1
All Competitors wishing to take part in this event are encouraged to pre register their intent to compete.  This will speed up the event on the day.  You can do this by CLICKING HERE and filling in the online form.
There will also be an OPEN / EXHIBITION event.  Just for fun, to see how high you can score.......   Any TKD technique (from the book) can be used.  All proceedes from this will be donated to the Active Kids Association.  You can have 3 strikes for a donation to the charity. (Recomended donation £5)