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  • National Winter Online Patterns Competition Final Results

1st British online patterns championship 2020


With over 900 Jnr students competing in the regional qualifiers leading up to the 2nd August which saw over 330 students compete in the final of the British online championships.

It comprised of divisions for girls and boys in White,Yellow,GreenBlue,Red and Blackbelt divisions.

The 60 umpires from all 10 areas made up the 5 person judging panel for each belt and category.

A special thank you to all the umpires for giving up their time for regional and national competitions. Without your help we could not make this happen, and in the process make TAGB history.

A special thanks to Mr Gavin Cook, Mr Jackson White and the team that made this happen. They put in numerous hours of work to make this a success and will create a landing page early this week to show all the winning patterns.

All instructors shall be sent a certificate for all participations and overall winners on Monday.

I won’t say thank you to the instructors who put their students in the wrong belt category and entered them in as many divisions as they could! This really caused problems and you tested our perseverance, but we prevailed and here are the results.
Grand Master Walton.

White belt girls
1st - Amelia Carpenter SM-MR
2nd - Maisy Weatherhead- NE- LJ
3rd - Adriana Lagman- NM- JD

White belt boys
1st Thomas Amour NE GC
2nd Mala Chives NW JN
3rd Daniel Kennedy SM MR

Yellow belt girls
1st Layla Young WA GP
2nd Bree Harley WA PW
3rd Jasmine Broadley NM JD

Yellow belt boys
1st Myles Brown NM TW
2nd Egan Matthews WA TL
3rd Adam Jackson WA GP

Green belt girls
1st Megan Joseph NE JR
2nd Asha Dhokia NE MSB
3rd Amelia screen WA PB

Green belt boys
1st Digby Munson SW JT
2nd Riley Pinch WA TL
3rd Jack Schneider NE MSB

Blue belt girls
1st Maggie Wong NE GC
2nd Martha Dennis SW JT
3rd Lilly Barnes SE CS

Blue belt boys
1st Lewis Hyannis SW PO
2nd Nayan Fober SW DH
3rd Ben Scott NE KW

Red belt girls
1st Roxey Spiller SW TK
2nd Erin Harrison NE WV
3rd Ruby Russell NE DR

Red belt boys
1st Oliver Moss WA TL
2nd Finn Clements NE MSB
3rd Jay Singh SC LM

Black belt girls
1st Lillian Wong NE GC
2nd Grace Swindell CE AM
3rd Jasmin Levan WA TL

Black belt Boys
1st Lewis Byles WA GP
2nd Harrison Smith SE AE
3rd kian Griffin WA TL





Coloured belts and blackbelts up to and including 15yrs old.Competitors

Must wear white dobok or tiger suits only (No club doboks)Pattern Divisions.

For clarity competitors can perform:
White 10th Kups Four directional punch 1 or 2, 9th Kups. Four directional 1 or 2 or Chon Ji
Yellow 8th Kups Chon Ji or Dan Gun, 7th Kups. Chon Ji or Dan Gun or Do SAN
Green 6th Kups Do San or Won Hyo 5th Kups Do SAN or Won Hyo or Yul Gok
Blue 4th Yul Gok or Joong Gun 3rd Kups Yul Gok or Joong Gun or Toi Gye
Red 2nd kups Toi Gye or Hwa Rang 1st Kups Toi Gye or Hwa Rang or Chung Moo

Black belt all dans together.1st Dan Chung moo or Gwang Gae or Po Eun or Ge Baek. 2nd Dans Choong Jang or Eui Am or Ko Dang.

All patterns must start and finish on the same point.
With competitors making an attention stance,bow then move into the appropriate ready stance.
On completion of the pattern make an attention stance and bow.Then move into relax position legs apart hands behind your back. Then stop filming.
The video must be filmed from the front with no editing.(you can move so they stay in frame if you wish)
Competitor must be in frame / picture at all times.
Wearing of footwear is optional.
Certificates for the 1st 2nd 3rd
Certificate of entry to all competitors.
Entry’s is through your instructor only.
Cost  Free.

GM Walton

English cancelled


In light of the ongoing situation regarding the Corona Virus the decision has been made to CANCEL the English Championships on Sunday.

We hope to be able to rearrange this event later in the year and all those who had paid to enter the English Championships will be given a credit towards their entry at the rescheduled event.

Please ensure all your students are aware of the championships being cancelled so they do not turn up at the venue on Sunday.

TAGB committee

Change of Pre Grading venue for South East


There has been a change of venue for the South East pre grading training session in March/April. 
Details below.
21st March: Farnborough (starting at 11:00 am & 12:00 pm midday),
28th March: Burgess Hill, (starting 4:15pm & 5:15pm)
4th April: Farnborough, (starting at 11:00 am & 12:00 pm midday),

Farnborough: Fernhill School, Neville Duke Rd, Farnborough, GU14 9BY
GM Oliver

Referees course scheduled 1st March 2020


If there are no more applications this coming week for Referees course scheduled 1st March it will be amalgamated with Umpires course 22nd February in Cardiff. 
Many Thanks 

Paul Donnelly
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