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  • Road Works Near TAGB English Championships

TAGB goes Techno


BTC team champs


Congratulations to the TAGB men and women's teams from England, Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland who dominated the British tae Kwon do Council black belt team championships at the London Excel at the week-end. It just shows the caliber of the black belts in our organisation. This is the 2nd year running that we have won this event and we are now looking forward to repeating the same kind of results at the European championships in Poland in October. Dave Oliver TAGB Chairman

Martialarts4fun Demo Team Olympic Torch Highlights


New TAGB on line shop


TAGB students can now take advantage of a brand new shop selling TAGB clothing at discount prices.
This new shop is extra to the TAGB on line shop that as operated successfully for many years.
Please note both shops are easily accessible from

Taekwon-Do Promotions email address as gone down


This is to inform you that Taekwon-Do Promotions can not recive any emails sent to it after last Friday. All TAGB instructors that have placed orders after this date please re-order using the new email address which is [ ] this email address will replace the old one.
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