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  • BTC Instructor day

  • National Squad Sessions

  • Squad Training Cancelled

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  • First Aid Courses TAGB/BTC

  • The Umpires and Referees are now both on the 25/02/2017.

  • Letter to Grand Master Oliver

  • IMPORTANT re British 2016

BB Grading form


Click here for the Black Belt Grading form Makeover has a new look............

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CK Choi Pics


All the photos taken at C K Choi Dinner Dance have been posted on FLICKR

If you would like any copies of these images you can download them direct from FLICKR

Please follow the link below.
CK Choi Dinner Dance

Made for MTV


ETV are making a new episode of 'Made' for MTV.....
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TaeKwon-Do International & BTC


European Championships

The date and venue for the European Championships in Poland this year has been finalised. 
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