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Blogs by tagbcaptain

England Captain's Blog [ Show blog ]
04 Feb : 12:58
Happy New Year everyone. 2015 marks 10 years that the England Team have been World Team Champions consecutively. There have been a few changes since a young team won it in 2005 but some are still here! Warren Vice, Tamsen Oatey and Myself. Now the next World Championships have been announced on ...
British Championships [ Show blog ]
04 Dec : 23:08
The British was a great event. One of the biggest that I've seen and as the Chairman said "nothing but positive feedback". The junior teams were fantastic, we see certain competitors walking around with their medals but rarely do we see them in action because of so much going off. There were som...
British Champs and Junior teams [ Show blog ]
04 Dec : 23:08
The British Champs this weekend will as always be a great event. But with the Junior national team event it will be even more special than it usually is. I know all teams will have been working hard and I wish them all the best of luck in this event. It's a chance for you to shine in front of a b...
TAGB Captain's Blog [ Show blog ]
10 Sep : 22:59
Great Weekend with the Scottish National Championships. I set off at 1.30am to get to Master Walton's for 6am and he drove the rest of the way. The Scottish is always a long day for me but considering it's once a's all good! Plus with the Tae Kwon Do world...we travel!!! The competition...
Captain's Blog [ Show blog ]
20 Aug : 13:27
It's been a while since I have blogged. Since my last blog we have had the European's and the clash of the titans.

The European's in Switzerland was a huge success, the TAGB national teams winning most of the divisions. I won both of my individual events but sadly broke my foot in the Quarter final...
TAGB Captain [ Show blog ]
20 Mar : 14:02
Busy weekend as always. On Saturday I headed over to Bracknell to attend Master Oliver's pre grading training session. Many were in attendance and I had the pleasure of teaching the 1st Dans who are grading this time.

The English Championships was a very successful event at the new venue in Worcest...
Championship training and the Clash of the Titans [ Show blog ]
05 Mar : 09:52
This week at England National Squad training, the session is getting harder, tougher and everyone's fitness levels are improving as we continue to train hard in the gym and our own clubs. With a busy few months with the English, Europeans and The clash of the titans then our fitness and fight game ...
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