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Chairmans blog
Written on 18 Jul : 08:42
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This week I have been putting the finishing touches to my autobiography 'Kicking up a storm' which I hope to have out before christmas. I have been sorting through my old photographs, some of them real archives going back to 1970, one which I have put on the TAGB facebook is a photo of the first ever black belt team to represent England, at the ITF European championships at the Ahoy stadium, Rotterdam, Holland in 1976. The team was Bob Howe (captain) Mick Fanthorpe, Vince Cooper, Dave Oliver, Ron Sergiew, Bob Sergiew and David Helstrip. Bob Howe who was captain was the first UK student to be promoted to black belt and was also the first chairman of the TAGB for 1 year, so he was a big part of tae kwon do history. I hope to work with the web people so we can have an archive and history section on this website. Dave Oliver