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Written on 11 Jul : 14:30
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This week I have been getting lots of good will and support messages from around the world about next years world championships and its all been positive. So far we have pledges of participation and support from the following countries;
Netherlands, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Argentina, USA, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Nepal, India, Canada, Australia, Guatamela, Ukraine, Moldova, South Africa and the information has only been out there a couple of weeks so its looking really good.
On the downside I was also contacted by an ex TAGB instructor from the South East who was quite high profile, who left the TAGB a couple of years ago with 2 thriving clubs, asking if he could come back to the TAGB as just a black belt and train in a TAGB school as he had packed in both his clubs as a result of leaving the TAGB and following someone who had made him all kinds of promises, none of which came to fruition. He was demoralised and disillusioned and said he had received no back up from the association he had joined and there was no way for his students or black belts to progress. So I guess he learned a hard lesson, I am not religious but the saying: beware of false prophets' springs to mind.