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Chairmans Blog
Written on 05 Jul : 15:47
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This has been a busy week preparing all the information for the 2013 World Championships which is being put on the world champs website, it is slowly building and we hope to have all the information in place in the next two weeks. There will be some new events for the 2013 championships.
Master Walton has been very busy as he is now working on the Tae kwon do organisatio Ltd, a new board which is the funding arm of the British Tae Kwon Do Council. This board is to obtaint funding from UK Sport for grass roots tae kwon do, from which all our instructors should benefit, so he has had to work on a strategy to satisfy UK Sport to enable the British Tae Kwon Do Council to access this funding, but we will keep you posted. Finally thanks to Master Towndrow and his team who are doing a great job on the websites, which I am sure you will all agree.