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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 27 Feb : 12:36
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This Saturday I start my pre black belt training sessions for the South East Area in Bracknell ready for the grading in April. Just a reminder all red belts (2nd kups) should be attending one of the 3 sessions as well as any 1st kups and of course any 1st kups or black belts who are grading must attend all 3 sessions.
At the BTC championships in September TAGB competitors can only wear the association white dobok or in the case of some juniors the TAGB tiger dobok - No international or club doboks will be allowed. The full pack for this championships will be available shortly.
Thanks to everyone who wished me and Sue a happy birthday on social media, it was very much appreciated.
Due to some requests we will have pin badges available on the stall for the different championships this year for the juniors to collect and of course seniors too if you feel inclined. This will start at the English in March