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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 23 Jan : 05:18
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This is my first blog of 2019, so I would like to wish all our instructors and students a very happy and prosperous New Year.
This will be a landmark year for me, as from 1st February I will stop teaching at my Warwick club and hand over the reigns to my daughter Cassie. I have been teaching at Warwick since 1973 as well as teaching at Solihull and Nuneaton during that time. I was the first professional instructor in the UKTA, after I gave up being a bricklayer to concentrate all my efforts into teaching tkd full time. I also encouraged several other black belts at the time to turn professional: GM Donnelly, GM Sergiew, GM Atkins and GM Walton, who all went on to be very successful. I am glad to say, I will still have lots to fill my time though with being TAGB chairman, BTC chairman, President of TI and South East representative!