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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 10 Jul : 10:40
[ Dave Oliver Blogs ]
Entry for the competitors into the world championships is now closed, so good luck to all of you who are taking part.
Officials can still apply to GM Donnelly, we can't have too many.
Just a reminder to get your spectator tickets in advance from TKDP on 01926 810333, to avoid being charged £5 extra at the box office.
We cannot get into the arena to set up until 7 am Saturday morning, so we would like as many officials to arrive at that time to put down the mats and put up the banners. Your help and co-operation will be really appreciated.
I know that next week teams from the USA, Australia and Argentina will be arriving in Birmingham for the championships, so if you bump into them, please make them welcome, they have traveled a long way to take part in this event and don't forget about the discount you can get at O'Neills bar on Broad Street when purchasing food or drink.