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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 08 Feb : 09:10
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Today I will restart my blog. This year looks like being another really busy one, we recently held a BTC instructors day in Loughborough which was very well received by all those who attended and there are plans to hold another one soon. If you missed that one make sure you get on the next one.
I hope to remain injury free this year as last year I fractured my vertebrae and had surgery on my shoulder but I seem to be over both now!
We have the Tae Kwon Do International European championships coming up in June in Poland when we will be sending teams from England, Scotland and Wales but the event will be open to any TAGB student who wishes to make their own way to compete.
Then in July we have the Goodwill championships in Tampa, Florida to which we will send our national TAGB team but once again it will be open to any TAGB individual who wants to make their own arrangements to travel and compete.
The English championships are next month in Worcester, but don't forget the price rises for 2017 for competitions.