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Chairmans blog September 2012
Written on 03 Sep : 08:11
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I am doing my blog early this week as I have an extremely busy week, we had a good break last week in Portugal just lying in the sun just reading and relaxing, but got back to be faced with 300 emails which brings you back down to earth with a bump. The TAGB have 2 more promotions going forward with TLC Marketing with Fox's rocky bars and the other with petits filous yogurts & frubes. TLC marketing are very happy to be working with the TAGB and their instructors, so I am talking to them about sponsorship for next years world championships.
This coming week-end I will be travelling to Scotland for the Scottish championships, but before that we have a TAGB committee meeting on Wednesday and a British tae kwon do council meeting on Thursday.
We have 2 more groups join TKDI in the last week: Master Darin Gibson, United Traditional tae kwon do in Canada, and Master Dave Saywer, Dynamic martial arts in New Zealand, which bodes well for next years world championships, which I think will be the biggest ever due to the interest I am receiving from abroad about the event, so it looks like this week will be a busy one.