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Blogs by Dave Oliver

August 2012
Written on 14 Aug : 09:33
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Congratulations to Jade Jones on winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Its very satisfying to know that Jade was a member of the TAGB family and gained her black belt with us, I am sure that her fighting skill and spirit were honed in the TAGB competiton arena and that this has helped her to go and win a gold medal and that the help and knowledge that was passed on to her by her TAGB instructors who she trained with: Mr. Martin Williams, Mr. Richard Saunders and Mr. Adrian Jones went along way to contributing to her success and although I personally don't like the WTF sparring system as I find it totally unrealistic as a martial art not to use your hands, I was delighted for Jade.
The week-end just gone I was invited to one of my black belts weddings: Mr. Sushil Majhu who has trained with me since he was a young boy and is a member of the sheikh community, it was a terrific wedding and I met some of my old black belt students there and it was great to hear them say how training in tae kwon do had shaped their lives and how much respect they had for me and the TAGB, it makes me proud to hear and see such loyalty.