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Chairmans blog
Written on 24 Jul : 07:44
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The Scottish championships is the next event on the TAGB calendar on Saturday 8th September, this will be of course the last tournament before the Europeans in Krakow, Poland in October, so will be your last chance to hone your competition skills before that event. If you are travelling to Krakow, make sure you fly into Balice as this is the nearest one to the event, as Chairman I think its fantastic that the TAGB can send 4 teams from the home nations: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland to represent us, there is no other association in the UK who can achieve this.
On a negative point, its a shame that the only exposure and publicity that UK tae kwon do has had in the build up to the olympics has been negative with their selection procedure coming under scruntiny in national newspapers and on television, as being politically motivated. I personally think that tae kwon do could loose its place in the next olympics in 4 years time in Brazil as they are still only being allowed 4 weight categories in the olympics instead of the 8 weights that the WTF use in their normal competitions. Where as the other combat sports like boxing, judo and wrestling are given their full allocation, but until the WTF organisation in this country make their selection process open and transparent so all tae kwon do fighters can take part regardless of their association or style they will always be viewed with suspicion and negativity by the press and relevant sports bodies.